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  • Forum win4u is a special page where users can discuss sports subjects and share experiences. You have interesting tips or betting subjects and tickets which are winning or losing? On this page you can share them with other visitors to the win4u site. In order for the forum topics to be interesting to all visitors, please read and respect forum rules. For disrespect pravila, administratori win4u sajta će te korisnike ban.
  • All visitors can read and leave messages on various forum topics, while only registered / registered members can open new topics for conversation.

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While you are discussing, you can listen in the menu on the right radio and look chat where other users of the site can share useful and interesting information or exchange opinions related to sports matches. Also, you can also leave a comment on the chat if you have a suggestion or you are simply interested in the current topic being discussed. You do not need to log in or leave personal information to read and write chat messages.

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Terms of use and posting on the forum

Dear users,

to maintain focus for the purpose of creating this page, and that is socializing, fun and sharing experiences, we would ask you to stick to a couple of simple ones rules, so that all visitors can read or leave comments without interruption. Subjects which are discussed on the forum are exclusive sports.

In order to keep the forum topics interesting and transparent to all visitors, please DO NOT POST some of the following comments:

  • spamming:

Advertising material - Please do not post advertisements in your comments / posts

Unnecessary messages - Please do not post unnecessary or unsolicited messages in your comments that do not respond to a specific topic

Message repetition - posting the same message 2 or more times without another user posting a comment between them 

Messages on racial, religious and national basis - Please do not post any messages on racial, religious or national grounds in your comments

  • trolling:
Please in your comments you don’t write offensive and disturbing messages, which aim to provoke other users
  • Flood:

We ask you to you don’t start a large number of topics on the forum in a short period of time without the intention to start a constructive discussion

For disrespect these rules, the admins of win4u site will these users ban.

Welcome to the forum. Topics are divided so that all visitors can quickly find the text they are interested in.
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